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All rules are subject to approval by the local Athletic Commission and 
The Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC). 
We comply with the Muhammad Ali Act. 
All rules consider the highest standards for safety and protection of the Boxers. 
  1. WIBA Title fights will be fought under ABC rules
  1. WIBA World Title fights are ten (10) rounds. WIBA International, Intercontinental, Americas titles are eight (8) or ten (10) rounds.

WIBA Youth Titles can be 6 or 8 rounds. Rounds are 2 minutes in length, with a one minute rest

period between rounds. (3 minute rounds are ok if both camps agree to it)

  1. A WIBA Supervisor must be present, at the weigh-in and the fight.
  1. Official weigh-ins are to be no more then 28 hours before start of the event.
  1. if a fighter cannot make weight, after given 3 hours from the initial weigh-in, the title fight may still proceed at scheduled. But if the overweight fighter wins, the title remains vacant,

whereas if the fighter who makes weight wins, then she is recognised as champion.

  1. Gloves are 8 oz for bouts at 147 pounds and under. 10 oz gloves are used for fights at 148 pounds and heavier.
  1. Coagulants may consist of adrenaline 1/1000, avitene, and thrombin. Any others are subject to approval by the local commission. Monsel, or any other “iron base”

or “iron type” solution is absolutely prohibited.

  1. Any drinking liquids in the corner, other then water, are prohibited, unless certain sports drinks are approved by the local commission.
  1. The score cards will be picked up after each round and the tally made, by the local Commission and the WIBA supervisor.
  1. A boxer can only be declared a WIBA Champion by winning a contest under Championship conditions.
1.0 There will be a non-scoring referee and three (3) judges officiating a bout. 
1.1 Bouts, including championship bouts, shall have rounds of two (2) Minutes in length, with an interval [rest period] between each round of one (1) minute. 
1.1a Fighters are permmited to fight three (3) minute rounds if it is agreed to by both camps and by the local commission.
1.2 The number of rounds in all contests shall be specified. 
1.3 All WIBA World Championship bouts shall be of ten (10) round duration. All WIBA Intercontinental, International, Americas, Iberian-American titles shall be of six or eight round duration. ALL WIBA Youth title bouts shall be of 6 or 8 rounds. 
1.4 A boxer can only be declared a WIBA Champion by winning a contest under Championship conditions. 
1.5 Champions Responsibilities: All WIBA Champions must defend their title a minimum of once every SIX (6) months against the highest ranked opponant available, given a legitimate offer from a promoter. Failure to comply with this paragraph is grounds for actions to require a mandatory title defense within 60 days or to have the Champion removed and a title elimination tournament being called for to declare a new champion.If a WIBA champion does not defend her title within TWELVE (12)months, it is within the WIBA's sole discretion to vacate a title.  
1.6 WIBA encourages title unification. The WIBA will consider making concessions in WIBA sanction fees for unification title fights involving the WIBA with any other major women's sanctioning body (WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, WIBF, GBU, IFBA). 
1.7 In the event the WIBA Champion wishes to fight for, or defend, a championship other then the WIBA, and not put their WIBA title on the line, the Approval of the WIBA must be obtained. 
 1.8 It is in the WIBA's sole discretion to strip a WIBA Champion of her title if she loses a non-title fight, or if she loses a title fight sanctioned by an organization other then the WIBA. It is also in the WIBA's sole discretion to strip a WIBA Champion to not recognize a WIBA champion if the sanction fee is not paid. 
1.8B It is in the WIBA's sole discretion to strip a WIBA Champion of her title if she or her team: 
-fails to comply with the rules of the applicable local commission,
-fails to honor a contractual obligation (any boxer withdrawing from a contest for reasons not acceptable to the WIBA)
-engages in any illegal or morally offensive conduct
-does anything to damage the reputation of the WIBA.
-does anything to disrespect the WIBA or any of it's members
-violates any WIBA by-law
1.9 It is in the WIBA's sole discretion to strip a WIBA Champion of her title if she refuses to fight the #1 mandatory challenger in her weight class, or the highest rated available contender, given a legitimate offer from a promoter. 
1.10 Boxers can not fight within fourteen (14) days before a scheduled WIBA title fight. 
1.11 Weigh-In: Boxers must weigh-in within no more then twenty-eight (28) hours before the start of the event, unless other weigh-in arrangements are agreed to beforehand by the WIBA, both boxers' camps and the local commission.  
1.12 When a boxer is overweight at the weigh-in, conducted within twenty-four hours before the fight, she will have 3 hours pre-fight, if feasible, after the time of the weigh-in, to "make weight". Any boxer who is still overweight after such time might still be allowed to fight, but if they win the bout, they would not be recognized as champion, whereas if the fighter who makes weight wins, then she is recognized as champion. If a WIBA champion fails to make weight, her title is vacated. 
1.13 Equipment: The WIBA requires all boxers to wear a breast protector approved by the local Commission. 
1.14 Boxing gloves shall be new for all WIBA title fights, provided by the Promoter of that event.  
1.15 Boxing gloves shall weigh eight (8) ounces for up to the 147 lbs weight Class. Boxing gloves shall weigh ten (10) ounces for over the 147 lbs weight Class. 
1.16 All gloves used under WIBA jurisdiction shall be thumb-attached or thumbless. 
1.17 All boxers must have two pairs of boxing trunks of different colors, available for each bout, in cases of dispute regarding two similar colors between boxers.  
1.18 A Boxer's hair shall be worn in such a way and/or may not be secured with such foreign objects that may cause interference with either Boxer. 
1.19 All Boxers must use a mouthpiece during the bouts. The fight cannot begin without both fighters having a mouthpiece. Having 2 mouthpieces is recommended. 
1.20 The boxing ring used for WIBA title fights must be a minimum of 20 feet X 20 feet platform. 
[Note: These rules are LAW the standardized ABC unified rules for women but can be superceeded by State Athletic Commission rules.]  
2.0 Bouts are scored on a Ten (10) Point Must System.  
2.1 Points will be awarded on the offensive for direct, clean punches with the knuckle area of the glove to the front or side of the head or body of the opponent above the belt. ("Above the belt" is the part of the body above the top of the hip bones)  
2.2 Points may also be awarded on the defensive for slipping, guarding, ducking an attack, and ring generalship.  
2.3 No Standing Eight (8) Count rule shall be in effect in all bouts. After each knockdown, the referee, will however, issue a Mandatory Eight (8) Count to the fallen boxer. 
2.4 Only the ref can stop the fight. 
2.5 A boxer knocked down cannot be "saved by the bell" in any round. 
2.6 There is also No "3 Knockdown Rule" in effect. 
2.7 If a boxers is knocked out of the ring (off of the ring apron, onto the floor) they have twenty (20) seconds to "beat the count" by getting back into the ring unassisted by their seconds. If a boxer is assisted by their seconds, they shall be disqualified by the referee. 
2.8 The following acts are illegal during a Bout, and will result in Warnings, point deductions and/or disqualification:  
(a) There shall be no "hitting below the belt"; Upon the Third warning from the Referee, there shall be a deduction of at least one point from each judge's round total for that round.  
(b) There shall be no hitting or rubbing with the "laces" of a boxers glove(the "laces" referring to the palm side of a glove and forearm). 
(c) There shall be no use of the feet, knees or legs in any contact during the bout; intentional fouls involving feet, knees, or legs can result in immediate point deductions, or disqualification.  
(d) Any intentional head butting shall bring about immediate deduction of one point from each judge's card for that fighter for that round. 
(e) There shall be no striking with elbows or forearms.International elbow or forearm strikes bring about an immediate deduction of one point from each judge's card for that round.  
(f) There shall be no hitting on the back of the head or neck; no hitting to the kidney or the back of any fighter. Any intentional contact of such kind shall bring about immediate deduction of one point from each judge's card For that fighter for that round; and may result in disqualification. 
(g) A boxer must obey the referee and break from her opponent when so ordered to do so. failing to do so (striking or attempting to strike the opponent on the break) will result in either a warning from the referee, or a points deduction.  
(h) There shall be no deliberate striking of an opponent who has fallen to the floor or who is knocked down. When a fighter falls to the ground, the opponent must immediately retreat to a neutral corner.  
(i) There shall be no hitting of an opponent after the end of a round. 
(j) Any "intentional foul" causing injury serious enough to terminate a bout immediately will result in the boxer causing the injury to be disqualified. 
(k) Any "intentional foul" causing an injury, if the bout is allowed to continue, will result in an immediate deduction of TWO (2) points from the boxer who caused the foul. 
(l) Boxers who repeatedly spit out their mouthpiece intentionally, for whatever reason, are subject to warnings, points deductions, and even disqualifications in certain situations, by the referee. (m) There shall be no other unsporting acts or conduct. 
 2.9 It is in the Referee's sole discretion to determine which boxer is at fault in any of the cases listed above. 
 2.10 It is in the Referee's sole discretion to caution the boxers, to direct judges to deduct points or to disqualify a boxer for any such act.  
2.11 If any Boxer shall indicate an unwillingness to continue boxing in a bout because of a claim of any foul, it will be at the Referee's Discretion according to applicable State Athletic Commission or local Boxing Board standards whether the bout shall continue. 
3.0 All boxers, as a condition to licensure or renewal of licenses from the State or Local Athletic Commissions shall undergo a thorough medical examination by a Physician appointed by the State, or the boxer's personal physician, according to the local commission rules for testing and examination.  
3.1 All boxers, in all bouts must be given a physical examination by a Physician appointed by the State Commissioner on the day of or before the bout, according to the State's rules for examination. 
3.2 The use of any drug, narcotic, stimulant, depressant, of any Description, or alcoholic substance by a boxer either before or during a Bout, is strictly prohibited. This includes Smelling Salts, Ammonia Capsules, or similar irritants. Any of the contestants violating this rule are subject to disqualification.  
3.3 The discretional use of Vaseline is allowed around the eyes. However, Vaseline, grease or any other substance on the arms, legs, or body of either contestant is prohibited. 
3.4 All boxers shall be physically examined immediately prior to the Commencement of the bout. 
3.5 The State or Local Boxing Commissions have the discretion to order drug tests, whenever considered necessary, before or after a bout. 
3.6 Uni-analysis tests are mandatory for boxers after title fights. Said specimen must be taken with a Ringside Physician and Commission Inspector on hand. The specimens should be taken in a plastic container and properly marked by the physician and boxer. It should be divided into two parts for each boxer, with bottles #1 sent to the lab. Should either boxer's specimen test positive for drugs, all parties will be notified, and another test made at the lab, as selected by the boxer and local commission. Should the specimen prove positive, disciplinary action will follow.  Specimens will be tested for the following drugs:  
Methadone ,Morphine ,Meperidine ,Propoxyphene ,Quinine ,Barbituates ,Clutethimide ,Clorpromazine ,Codeine ,Cocaine ,D-Amphedamine ,Marijuana as Tetrahydrocannabinol ,Anabilic Steroids ,Pain Killers 
3.7 WIBA requires that boxers submit to a pregnancy test before any bout For the protection of the boxer. No boxer who is pregnant will be permitted to fight. 
3.8 Should a boxer become pregnant as a titleholder, she will be names Champion Emeritus, and a bout will take place between the top two (2) Contenders in the rankings to determine a new champion.A new active champion shall be named The Titleholder. the Champion Emeritis will have 2 years to return to the ring and must fight the active champion to regain her old standing. If the fighter should return but In a new division or weight class she will be entered in the rankings of the new division. It is this case only that two (2) fighters can share the name of Champion while only the active boxer will be able to defend her tide.  
4.0 The powers and duties of the Regional Representatives of the WIBA at a Promotion shall be to see those all-applicable Rules and Regulations are carried out, and also include: 
(a) To attend the weigh-in of the Boxers; 
(b) To receive any reports relating to a member boxer from Inspectors, Physicians or Commissions;  
(c) To make a report of the boxing contest for the WIBA; 
(d) To instruct the Promoter to make payment for WIBA sanctioning fees, to accept Payment; to instruct the Promoter to withhold any Payment to any boxer and forward the same to the WIBA representative if the boxers acts fall within section 3 of these rules. 
(e) To stand ready to carry out any order or request issued by the Referee during the course of a boxing contest.  
NOTE: The WIBA is not responsible for negotiation of agreements, Contracts or terms thereof between Boxers and Promoters, Managers, Agents or others. The WIBA is not responsible for any disputes arising out of said agreements or contracts. 

5.0 All Promoters must be licensed according to the requirements of the local Commission of which the contest is taking place.

5.1 When a Promoter arranges any Championship bout or eliminating bout for a Championship to be fought under Championship conditions, he/she must receive written permission of the WIBA.  

5.2 Managers and Promoters shall negotiate all purse offers.  

5.3 If more then 1 promoter wishes to promote a fight for a vacant WIBA title, they must go to bids and the promoter who offers the highest purse money will get the fight.  

5.4 If requested by the WIBA, the Promoter will disclose in writing, the Amount of Purse paid to any boxer, and/or detailed financial accountings for any contest they promote under the auspices of the WIBA.  

5.5 The Promoters shall pay the purse to the boxer herself or to the boxer’s Representative at the boxer’s request.  

5.6 Not less than 30 days prior to any proposed contest, the Promoter shall submit to. The WIBA in writing the date and full details of The venue, for its approval. In addition, the Promoter shall supply to the WIBA such other information about the proposed contest as the WIBA shall require.  

5.7 Boxers who have contracted with a Promoter for an upcoming Contest may not accept another bout within 30 days prior to that contest, unless agreed to by the Promoter.  

5.8 Sanctioning Fees are $1,500 per WIBA World Title Contest, plus $700 for WIBA Belt. Sanctioning Fees for WIBA International and Intercontinental Titles are $1000, plus $700 for WIBA Belt.  Sanctioning Fees for WIBA Americas, or Youth Titles are $850, plus $700 for WIBA Belt.  Monies are due 21 days prior to the bout. The WIBA takes 0% of any fighters purse for sanctioning fees.  for WIBA World Title fights, judges are to be paid $200 USD, and the referee is to be paid $250 USD, supervisors are to be paid $300 USD. 

5.9 The Promoter is responsible for the purchase of the WIBA Championship Belt. When a championship changes hands, it is the promoters responsibility to purchase a belt for the newly crowned champion. Only the winner of the contest can obtain the belt.  

5.10 The Promoter is to provide and pay for all hotel accommodations and travel arrangements for the representatives of the WIBA.  

5.11 The Promoter is responsible for any and all legal fees in the collection of any monies owed to the WIBA by the promoter.  

5.12 All WIBA sanction fees are non-refundable. In case of an event being cancelled, a sanction fee that has been paid by the promoter, can be carried over to a later event within 6 months of the original event date.



WIBA Mini Flyweight World Champion


WIBA Light Welterweight World Champion


WIBA Flyweight World Champion


WIBA Featherweight World Champion

denise castle

WIBA Atomweight World Champion


WIBA Bantamweight World Champion


WIBA Super Featherweight World Champion


WIBA Super Bantamweight World Champion


WIBA Welterweight World Champion


WIBA Super Flyweight World Champion


WIBA Lightweight World Champion


WIBA Bantamweight World Champion


1. Lani Daniels (NZ) – IBF champion
2. Arlie Meleisea (NZ)
3. Razel Mohamed (South Africa)
4. Vanessa Lepage Joanisse (Canada)
5. Sequita Hemingway (NZ)
6. Monica Harrison (USA)
7. Princess Hairston (USA)
8. Chia Fei Asbury (USA)
9. Yoscaira Alcantara Eugenio (DR)
10. Thi Phuong Hoai Nguyen (Vietnam)
11. Anabel De Los Santos Pina (DR)
12. Blessing Abisoye (Nigeria)
13. Jackie Lea Osborn (Singapore)
14. Siriwan Thongmanit (Thailand)


1. Raquel Miller (USA)

2. Abril Argentina Vidal (Argentina)

3. Rollen Muleba (South Africa)

4. Bolatito Oluwole (Nigeria)

5. Kayla Williams (USA)

6. Silvia Zuniga (Mexico)

7. Lillian Molala (South Africa)

8. Sarah Scheurich (Germany)

9. Roseanna Cox (NZ)

10. Timea Nagy (Hungary)

11. Che Kenneally (Australia)


1. Savannah Marshall (UK) – WBA, WBC, IBF & WBO champion
2. Franchon Crews Dezurn (USA)
3. Shadasia Green (USA)
4. Elin Cederroos (Sweden)
5. Sanna Turunen (Finland) – WIBF & GBU champion
6. Aidyl Cardenas (USA)
7. Ogleidis Suarez (Venezuela)
8. Citlalli Ortiz (USA)
9. Melinda Watpool (Canada)
10. Angelica Lopez Flores (Mexico)
11. Elene Sikmashvili (Georgia)
12. Daniele Aidee de Lira Bastieri (Brazil)
13. Christianne Fahey (UK)
14. Nailini Helu (NZ)
15. Indira Perez (Colombia)
16. Tina Hemingway (USA)
17. Maricela Garcia Mendoza (Mexico)
18. Madina Smyslova (Russia)
19. Kahide Kazeem (Nigeria)
20. Melody Popravak (USA)
21. Eva Lidia Silva (Mexico)
22. Jessica Triebelova (Slovakia)
23. Pasene Asuega (USA)
24. Wendy Gcado (South Africa)
25. Hanna Rousu (Finland)
26. Paola Esther Herrera (Colombia)
27. Agness Mtimaukanena (Malawi)
28. Monique Bux (UK)
29. Yelianyi Fernandez (Venezuela)
30. Lucy Macho (Tanzania)
31. Kate Boulus (Australia)
32. Fairouz Eissa (Australia)
33. Chloe Chaos (Australia)
34. Celina Agwu (Nigeria)
35. Jozette Cotton (USA)
36. Amy Cooper (UK)

1. Claressa Shields (USA) – WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO & WBF champion

2. Maricela Cornejo (USA)

3. Irais Hernandez (Mexico)

4. Mapule Ngubane (South Africa)

5. Elle Coulson (UK) – INTERNATIONAL and IBC World champion

6. Olivia Curry (USA)

7. Olivia Gerula (Canada)

8. Angie Paola Rocha (Colombia)

9. Luiza Davydova (Russia)

10. Rita Mrwebi (South Africa)

11. Rushda Mallick (South Africa)

12. Mary Casamassa (USA)

13. Gifty Amanua Ankrah (Ghana)

14. Samantha Pill (USA)

15. Justyna Walas (Poland)

16. Yannick Azangue (USA)

17. Lorena Carrillo (Colombia)

18. Miranda Barber (USA)

19. Visila Lagilagi (Fiji)

20. Jade Grierson (UK)

21. Jordanne Garcia (USA)

22. Kaitlin Lavigne (USA)

23. Daniela Rodriguez (Colombia)

24. Ayanna Tramont (USA)

25. Valeria Segovia Alonzo (Mexico) 

26. Jesikah Guerra (USA)

27. Amelia Yara (Fiji)

28. Inise Kaunimara (Fiji)

29. Rajwinder Kaur (India)

30. Nana Chakhvashvili (Georgia)

31. Toyin Adejumola (Nigeria)

32. Noxolo Mkhasibe (South Africa)

33. Emily Kabwalo (Zimbabwe)

34. Nadja Jesus Santos (Brazil)

35. Khushi Dhiman (India)

36. Leila Yusuph Macho (Tanzania)

1. Cecilia Braekhus (Norway)

2. Ema Kozin (Slovenia) – WBF champion

3. Terri Harper (UK) – WBA champion 

4. Femke Hermans (Belgium) – IBO champion

5. Mary Spencer (Canada)

6. Hannah Rankin (Scotland) 

7. Lorita Muzeya (Zambia)

8. Diana Tapia Castro (Mexico)

9. Logan Holler (USA)

10. Sonya Dreiling (USA)

11. Yohana Belen Alfonzo (Argentina)

12. Chris Namus (Uruguay)

13. Priscilla Peterle (France)

14. Marianne Ahlborg (Sweden)

15. Carolyn Redmond (Canada)

16. Ellis Hopkins (UK)

17. Hanna Hansen (Germany)

18. April Hunter (UK)

19. Lily Ella Craw-Seaman (Scotland)

20. Cinthia Lozano (Mexico)

21. Tayla Harris (Australia)

22. Georgia O’Connor (UK)

23. Paige Goodyear (UK)

24. Elia Carranza (USA)

25. Ester Konecna (Czech Republic)

26. Yarkor Chavez Annan (Ghana)

27. Silvia Silva Barraza (Mexico)

28. Valeria Bustamante Corrales (Mexico)

29. Jenna Gaglioti (USA)

30. Holly Lawson (USA)

31. Stephanie Mfongwot (Australia)

32. Millicent Agboegbulen (Australia)

33. Desley Robinson (Australia)

34. Claribel Mena (DR)

35. Celia Rosa Sierra (Colombia)

36. Grace Mwakamele (Tanzania)

37. Lunje Makhosi (South Africa)

1. Jessica McCaskill (USA) – WBA, WBC & IBO champion

2. Layla McCarter (USA)

3. Sandy Ryan (UK) – WBO champion

4. Natasha Jonas (UK) – IBF champion 

5. Patricia Berghult (Sweden) 

6. Ivana Habazin (Croatia)

7. Maria Lindberg (Sweden) – WIBF & GBU 154 champion

8. Alma Ibarra (Mexico)

9. Olivia Belkacem (Switzerland)

10. Chevelle Hallback (USA)

11. Summer Lynn (USA) – UBO champion

12. Oshae Jones (USA)

13. Szilvia Szabados (Hungary)

14. Jessica Schadko (Germany)

15. Sarah French (USA)

16. Marie-Pier Houle (Canada)

17. Stephanie Pineiro Aquino (PR)

18. Lauren Price (UK)

19. Dee Allen (UK)

20. Kandi Wyatt (Canada)

21. Kirstie Bavington (UK)

22. Beth Arthur (UK)

23. Sandy Meunier (France)

24. Dilara Yucel (Turkey) – UBO 154 title

25. Bree Burbeary (UK)

26. Naomi Mannes (Germany)

27. Janina Michelle Neumann (Germany)

28. Cindy Reyes Espinoza (Mexico)

29. Kinga Magyar (Hungary)

30. Rupinder Kaur (India)

31. Jessica Louise Messina (Australia)

32. Lucia Noelia Perez (Argentina)

33. Claudia Andrea Lopez (Argentina)

34. Deseree Jamison (USA)

35. Deborah Willies (USA)

36. Kerry Haley (UK)

37. Nargis Selemani Mbange (Tanzania)

38. Abosede Akinsanya (Nigeria)

39. Kate McLaren (Australia)

1. Chantelle Cameron (UK) – WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO & IBO champion

2. Oshin Derieuw (Belgium) – WBF champion

3. Ewa Piatkowska (Poland)

4. Mary McGee (USA)

5. Anahi Ester Sanchez (Argentina)

6. Hedda Wolmarens (South Africa)

7. Sarah Achieng (Kenya)

8. Flora Pili (France)

9. Silvia Bortot (Italy)

10. Dahianna Santana (DR)

11. Prisca Vicot (France) – WIBF, GBU, & WBF interim champion

12. Yamila Esther Reynoso (Argentina)

13. Donia Darouiche (France)

14. Anissa Benyoub (France)

15. Valentina Keri (Serbia)

16. Marisol Moreno (Mexico)

17. Malakay Moukayber (Australia)

18. Victoire Piteau (France)

19. Maria Elena Maderna (Argentina)

20. Marisa Joana Portillo (Argentina)

21. Beatriz Aguilar Jimenez (Mexico)

22. Monalisa Sibanda (Zimbabwe) – INTERCONTINENTAL champion

23. Bexcy Mateus (Colombia)

24. Ella Boot (Australia)

25. Sarah Weidmann (Germany)

26. Nicola Barke (UK)

27. Ailen Agrobert (Argentina)

28. Vicky Quevedo (Chile)

29. Destiny Day Owens (USA)

30. Lourdes Micaela Grand (Argentina)

31. Jeanine Brown (Australia)

32. Brooke Cooper (Australia)

33. Yenifer Rodriguez (Colombia)

34. Monica Henao (Colombia)

35. Diana Ayala (Colombia)

36. Maryna Malovana (Ukraine)

37. Sara Bellotti (Italy)

38. Shayna Foppiano (USA)

39. Shamara Woods (USA)

40. Paige Murney (UK)


1. Katie Taylor (Ireland) – WBA, WBC, IBF & WBO champion

2. Mikaela Mayer (USA) – WBC interim champion 

3. Estelle Mossely (France) – IBO champion

4. Jelena Janicijevic (Serbia)

5. Oleksandra Sidorenko (Poland)

6. Firuza Sharipova (Kazakhstan) 

7. Beke Bas (Germany) – IBA champion

8. Caroline Dubois (UK)

9. Yanina del Carmen Lescano (Argentina)

10. Maira Moneo (Uruguay) – WBA Interim champion

11. Erica Farias (Argentina)

12. Jessica Camara (Canada)

13. Heather Hardy (USA)

14. Magali Rodriguez Lopez (Mexico)

15. Ruth Chisale (Malawi)

16. Hannah Terlep (USA)

17. Chantall Martinez (Panama)

18. Chelsey Anderson (USA)

19. Rhiannon Dixon (UK)

20. Edina Kiss (Hungary)

21. Nicole Wesner (Germany) – WBF champion 

22. Anisha Basheel (Malawi)

23. Elvina White (Austria)

24. Aida Satybaldinova (Kazakhstan)

25. Jaica Pavilus (Haiti)

26. Miranda Reyes (USA)

27. Jamie Clampitt-Hayes (USA)

28. Yamila Belen Abellaneda (Argentina)

29. Lizbeth Crespo (Bolivia)

30. Dilar Kisikyul (Germany) – WIBF & GBU champion 

31. Natalie Zimmermann (Germany)

32. Stephanie Han (USA)

33. Anna Krasnoperova (Russia)

34. Micaela Diaz (Argentina)

35. Raider Muleba (SA)

36. Kholosa Ndobayini (South Africa)

37. Sara Carmona (Mexico)

38. Stevie Morgan (USA) – UBO champion 

39. Nasra Msami (Tanzania)

40. Stevie Jane Coleman (USA)

1. Delfine Persoon (Belgium) 

2. Alycia Baumgardner (USA) – WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO & IBO champion

3. Hyun-Mi Choi (South Korea) – WBA champion in recess

4. Christina Linardatou (Greece)

5. Ewa Brodnicka (Poland)

6. Deanha Hobbs (Australia)

7. Melissa St Vil (USA)

8. Jennifer Han (USA)

9. Leila Beaudoin (Canada)

10. Beatriz Ferreira (Brazil)

11. Karla Ramos Zamora (Mexico)

12. Victoria Bustos (Argentina)

13. Katharina Thanderz (Spain)

14. Elhem Mekhaled (France)

15. Karen Elizabeth Carabajal (Argentina)

16. Kara Ro (Canada)

17. Licia Boudersa (France) – WBF champion 

18. Bo Mi Re Shin (South Korea)

19. Nozipho Bell (South Africa)

20. Liliana Palmera (Colombia)

21. Ramona Graeff (Germany)

22. Rima Ayadi (France)

23. Sofya Ochigava (Russia) 

24. Maria Ines Ferreyra (Argentina)

25. Vicky Wilkinson (UK)

26. Kristine Shergold (UK)

27. Kallia Kourouni (Greece) – WIBF & GBU champion

28. Alys Sanchez (Venezuela)

29. Jade Taylor (UK)

30. Destiny Jones (USA)

31. Iranda Paola Torres (Mexico)

32. Chiedza Homakoma (Zimbabwe)

33. Lorena Edith Agoutborde (Argentina)

34. Lucie Sedlackova (Czech Republic)

35. Amina Zidani (France)

36. Jekaterina Marcenko (Latvia)

37. Elif Nur Turhan (Turkey)

38. Angel Rushton (Australia)

39. Tywarna Campbell (Australia)

40. Sarah Janolen (Australia)

41. Usanakorn Thawilsuhannawang (Thailand)

42. Taynna Cardoso (Brazil)

43. Simone Da Silva Duarte (Brazil)

44. Ikram Kerwat (Germany) – WBF 147 champion 

45. Estefania Karen Alaniz (Argentina)


==FEATHERWEIGHT (126 lbs / 57.2 kgs)==

World Champion-

BECK HAWKER (Australia)

1. Amanda Serrano (USA) – WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF & IBO champion

2. Sarah Mahfoud (Denmark)

3. Erika Cruz Hernandez (Mexico)

4. Brenda Karen Carabajal (Argentina) – WBO interim champion

5. Daniela Romina Bermudez (Argentina)

6. Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)

7. Skye Nicolson (Australia)

8. Tiara Brown (USA)

9. Tania Alvarez (Spain)

10. Enerolisa de Leon (Spain) – WBF champion 

11. Elina Tissen (Germany) 

12. Nina Meinke (Germany) – WIBF & GBU champion 

13. Elena Gradiner (Russia)

14. Caroline Veyre (Canada)

15. Emma Gongora (France)

16. Martine Vallieres-Bisson (Canada)

17. Edith Soledad Matthysse (Argentina)

18. Sophie Alisch (Germany)

19. Danila Ramos (Brazil)

20. Lucy Wildheart (Sweden)

21. Jennifer Miranda (Spain)

22. Carla Torres (USA)

23. Raven Chapman (UK)

24. Elizabeth Chavez Espinoza (Mexico)

25. Bukiwe Nonina (South Africa)

26. Vivian Bianelis Rodriguez (DR)

27. Dyana Vargas (DR)

28. Everline Odero (Kenya)

29. Hollie Towl (UK)

30. Sarah Liegmann (Germany)

31. Carisse Brown (USA) – INTERNATIONAL 135 champion

32. Teresa Almengor (Panama)

33. Francia Elena Bravo (Colombia)

34. Sheila Martinez (Spain)

35. Carly Salmon (Australia)

36. Matshidiso Mokebosi (South Africa)

37. Yolis Marrugo Franco (Colombia)

38. Calista Silgado (Colombia) – UBC 122 champion

39. Anaelle Angerville (France)

40. Elizabeth Oshoba (Nigeria)

41. Karriss Artingstall (UK)

42. Carmen Vargas (USA)

43. Chandni Mehra (India)

44. Leonie Giebel (Germany)

45. Gina Joseph (DR)

1. Segolene Lefebvre (France) – WBO champion 

2. Yamileth Mercado (Mexico) – WBC champion

3. Mayerlin Rivas (Venezuela) – WBA champion

4. Nazarena Romero (Argentina) – WBA interim champion 

5. Ellie Scotney (UK) – IBF champion

6. Kudakwashe Chiwandire (Zimbabwe) 

7. Mariana Juarez (Mexico)

8. Catherine Phiri (Zambia)

9. Laura Grzyb (Poland)

10. Amanda Galle (Canada)

11. Maureen Shea (USA)

12. Mea Motu (NZ) – IBO champion 

13. Lila Neuza Dos Santos Furtado (Brazil) – UBO champion 

14. Phannarai Netisri (Thailand) – WIBF champion

15. Nastaran Fathi (Iran)

16. Cherneka Johnson (Australia) 

17. Paola Pamela Benavidez (Argentina)

18. Asandiswa Nxokwana (South Africa)

19. Gloria Elena Yancaqueo (Argentina)

20. Melissa Esquivel (Mexico)

21. Jorgelina Guanini (Argentina)

22. Debora Anahi Dionicius (Argentina) 

23. Marcela Acuna (Argentina)

24. Laura Griffa (Argentina)

25. Marianela Soledad Ramirez (Argentina)

26. Sabrina Maribel Perez (Argentina)

27. Gabriela Bouvier (Argentina)

28. Carolina Raquel Duer (Argentina)

29. Julissa Alejandra Guzman (Mexico)

30. Laura Ledezma (Panama)

31. Isis Vargas Perez (Mexico)

32. Ramla Ali (UK)

33. Natalia Francesca (Spain)

34. Shurretta Metcalf (USA)

35. Ana Marie Lozano (Venezuela)

36. Yesugen Oyuntsetseg (Mongolia)

37. Lisa Whiteside (UK)

38. Maria Cecchi (Italy)

39. Matshidiso Mokebisi (South Africa)

40. Monalisa Takane (South Africa)

41. Tysie Gallagher (UK)

42. Danna Ponce Bolanos (Mexico)

43. Samantha Quek (Singapore)

44. Angelica Rascon (Mexico)

1. Dina Thorslund (Denmark) – WBO champion

2. Yulihan Alejandra Luna Avila (Mexico) – WBC champion

3. Melissa Oddessa Parker (USA) – IBO champion

4. Mayeli Flores (Mexico)

5. Jasseth Noriega (Mexico)

6. Guadalupe Martinez Guzman (Mexico)

7. Nina Hughes (UK) – WBA champion 

8. Jamie Mitchell (USA) 

9. Shannon Courtenay (UK)

10. Ebanie Bridges (Australia) – IBF champion

11. Shannon O’Connell (Australia)

12. Jessica Gonzalez (Mexico)

13. Lindsay Garbatt (Canada)

14. Zulina Munoz (Mexico)

15. Florencia Ayelen Juarez (Argentina)

16. Juliana Vanesa Basualdo (Argentina)

17. Tatyana Zrazhevskaya (Russia)

18. Gloria Gallardo (Mexico)

19. Maria Cecilia Roman (Argentina)

20. Seren Cetin (Turkey)

21. Alondra Garcia (Mexico)

22. Karina Fernandez (Mexico) – UBO champion 

23. Niorkis Carreno (Venezuela)

24. Nina Radovanovic (Serbia)

25. Melania Sorroche (Spain)

26. Iara Altamirano (Argentina)

27. Danielle Bennett (USA)

28. Fatima Dudieva (Russia)

29. Lina Kasweka (Zambia)

30. Sharadene Fortuin (South Africa)

31. Katie Healy (UK)

32. Mary Romero (Spain)

33. Mikiah Kreps (USA)

34. Johanna Wonyou (France)

35. Julieta Andrea Ines Cardozo (Argentina)

36. Barbara Vazquez Osuna (Mexico)

37. Julianna Rodriguez Acevedo (Costa Rica)

38. Avril Mathie (Australia)

39. Rianna Rios (USA)

40. Brittany Sims (USA)

41. Mikenna Tansley (Canada)

42. Adijat Gbadamosi (Nigeria)

World Interim Champion-


1. Asley Gonzalez Macias (Mexico) – WBC champion 

2. Lourdes Juarez (Mexico) 

3. Yessica Chavez (Mexico)

4. Micaela Lujan (Argentina) – IBF champion

5. Irma Garcia (Mexico)

6. Diana Laura Fernandez (Mexico)

7. Stephanie Silva (Italy)

8. Hee-Jung Yuh (South Korea)

9. Adelaide Ruiz (USA) – WBC interim champion 

10. Clara Lescurat (Argentina) – WBA champion

11. Maribel Ramirez (Mexico)

12. Daniela Asenjo (Chile) – IBO champion 

13. Debora Anahi Lopez (Argentina)

14. Elena Saveleva (Russia)

15. Casey Morton (USA)

16. Linda Laura Lecca (Peru)

17. Jacqueline Mucio Munoz (Mexico)

18. Ellen Simwaka (Malawi)

19. Natalia Alderete (Argentina)

20. Estrella Valverde (Mexico)

21. Jasmine Artiga (USA)

22. Sulem Urbina Soto (Mexico)

23. Paulette Valenzuela (Mexico)

24. Angelina Lukas (Kazakhstan) – UBO champion 

25. Carla Ayelen Merino (Argentina)

26. Amy Salinas (USA)

27. Vanesa Lorena Taborda (Argentina)

28. Eloisa Martinez Zarraga (Mexico) – IBC World champion

29. Aliyah Pequeno (USA)

30. Michelle Preston (NZ)

31. Chisakan Ariphipat (Thailand)

32. Lauren Parker (UK)

33. Emma Dolan (UK)

34. Sofia Abraamyan (Russia)

35. Shannon Ryan (UK)

36. Mailys Gangloff (France)

37. Sara Haghighat-Joo (Canada)

38. Leanna Cruz (USA)

39. Alice Mbewe (Zambia)

40. Valeria Perez (Mexico) – IBC International champion

1. Marlen Esparza (USA) – WBA, WBC & WBO champion

2. Arely Mucino (Mexico) – IBF champion 

3. Kenia Enriquez (Mexico)

4. Ibeth Zamora Silva (Mexico)

5. Gabriela Celeste Alaniz (Argentina) 

6. Eva Guzman (Venezuela) 

7. Gabriela Fundora (USA)

8. Taylah Robertson (Australia)

9. Gabriela Sanchez Saavedra (Mexico)

10. Ayelen Granadino (Argentina)

11. Olga Julio (Colombia)

12. Jacky Calvo (Mexico)

13. Linda Contreras Ibarra (Mexico)

14. Alexas Kubicki (Canada)

15. Maria Salinas (Mexico)

16. Sonia Osorio (Mexico) 

17. Jaqueline Maxino Silvestre (Mexico)

18. Simangele Hadebe (South Africa)

19. Ginny Fuchs (USA)

20. Christina Cruz (USA)

21. Marilyn Badillo Amaya (Mexico)

22. Indeya Smith (USA)

23. Karely Lopez Castro (Mexico)

24. Alma Melisa Meraz (Mexico)

25. Naylea Gil Sanabia (Mexico)

26. Nataly Delgado (Panama)

27. Martina Bernile (Italy)

28. Justine Lallamand (France)

29. Isabel Millan (Mexico)

30. Debora Vanesa Gomez (Argentina)

31. Olga Gurova (Russia)

32. Nancy Franco (Mexico)

33. Chloe Watson (UK)

34. Viviana Ruiz Corredor (Colombia)

35. Ingrid Caicedo (Colombia)

36. Gisela Noelia Quintanilla (Argentina)

37. Brianna Harrison (Australia)

1. Jessica Nery Plata (Mexico) – WBA Super champion & WBC champion 

2. Yesica Yolanda Bopp (Argentina)

3. Kim Clavel (Canada) 

4. Evelyn Nazarena Bermudez (Argentina) – IBF & WBO champion 

5. Maria Guadalupe Bautista (Mexico) – WBA champion

6. Leonela Paola Yudica Andino (Argentina)

7. Yesenia Gomez (Mexico)

8. Tania Enriquez (Mexico)

9. Anabel Ortiz (Mexico)

10. Tamara Elisabet Demarco (Argentina)

11. Naomi Arellano Reyes (Mexico)

12. Debora Rengifo (Venezuela)

13. Sol Cudos (Argentina)

14. Angela Nolasco Galindo (Mexico)

15. Yaditza Perez (Panama)

16. Lucia Gutierrez Campos (Mexico)

17. Cecilia Nino Rodriguez (Mexico)

18. Tania Itzel Garcia Hernandez (Mexico)

19. Joana Suarez (Spain)

20. Yairineth Altuve (Venezuela)

21. Anna Levina (Russia) – IBA 112 champion

22. Cassandra Crevecouer (France)

23. Alejandra Maria de Lujan Rios (Argentina)

24. Anyelen Espinosa (Argentina)

25. Maria Sol Baumstarh (Argentina)

26. Halima Vunjabei (Tanzania)

27. Yanali Ayon (Mexico)

28. Yoselin Fernandez (Venezuela)

29. Weerawan Kedsukkee (Thailand)

30. Esmeralda Gaona Sagahon (Mexico)

31. Estefany Alegria Ocasio (Mexico)

32. Roxana Maria Colmenarez (Venezuela)

33. Romina Gisel Sosa (Argentina)

34. Aldana Florencia Lopez (Argentina)

35. Zara Johnson (UK)

==MINI FLYWEIGHT (105 lbs / 47.6 kgs)==

World Champion-


1. Seniesa Estrada (USA) – WBA & WBC champion

2. Tina Rupprecht (Germany) 

3. Yokasta Valle (Costa Rica) – IBF & WBO champion

4. Sarah Bormann (Germany) – IBO, WIBF, GBU, WBF, WBC interim champion & IBF interim champion 

5. Thi Thu Nhi Nguyen (Vietnam)

6. Katia Gutierrez (Mexico)

7. Ji Hyun Park (South Korea)

8. Joana Pastrana (Spain)

9. Silvia Torres (Mexico)

10. Maria Soledad Vargas (Mexico)

11. Anne Sophie Da Costa (France)

12. Jazmin Gala Villarino (Mexico)

13. Judith Vivanco (Mexico)

14. Perla Perez (Mexico)

15. Jessica Basulto (Mexico)

16. Elizabeth Cruz Lopez (Mexico)

17. Catalina Diaz (Spain)

18. Hye Soo Park (South Korea)

19. Yadira Bustillos (USA)

20. Cinthia Perez Frias (Mexico)

21. Laura Chiquillo (Mexico)

22. Maria Micheo Santizo (Guatemala)

23. Rosa Olvera (Mexico)

24. Cecile Cortez (Thailand)

25. Ketmanee Chasing (Thailand)

26. Ploypailin Palatsrichuai (Thailand)

27. Crisna Alvarez Rivera (Mexico)

28. Arlenn Sanchez Aguirre (Mexico)

29. Rocio Gaspar (Peru)

30. Nitinart Plabplerng (Thailand)

31. Regina Chavez (Mexico)

32. Wassana Kamdee (Thailand)

==ATOMWEIGHT (102 lbs / 46.3 kgs)==

World Champion-


1. Fabiana Bytyqi (Hungary) – WBC champion

2. Monserrat Alarcon Raya (Mexico) – WBA champion  

3. Elizabeth Lopez Corzo (Mexico)

4. Norj Guro (Philippines)

5. Ewelina Pekalska (Poland)

6. Ana Arrazola (Mexico)

7. Yenifer Leon (Venezuela)

8. Esneidy Rodriguez Olmos (Mexico)

9. Katherine Renee Lindenmuth (USA)

10. Lorraine Villalobos (USA)

11. Abril Sanchez Torres (Mexico)

12. Brenda Balderas Martinez (Mexico)

13. Diana Itzel Ferrer (Mexico)

14. Marisol Molina Sanchez (Mexico)

15. Maria Fernanda Hernandez Torres (Mexico)

16. Umal Banin (Pakistan)

17. Roma Yousaf (Pakistan)

18. Nimra Nisar Ahmed (Pakistan)

19. Naomy Valle (Costa Rica)

20. Miriam Anda (Mexico)

21. Lidia Gonzalez Pacheco (Mexico)

22. Watcharaporn Namphon (Thailand)

23. Phunnakran Karnjanawong (Thailand)

24. Muthita Iamsaard (Thailand)

25. Pimchanok Thepjanda (Thailand)

26. Abida Batool (Pakistan)

27. Dialika Perkins (USA)

28. Alexis Martinez (USA)

29. Maria Lopez Roldan (Guatemala)


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